Our Pastor

Reverend Collin Adams


Collin Adams originally hails from northeastern Georgia. The middle son of a Presbyterian pastor and a social worker, one might think that he was predestined to become a pastor. Originally though Collin intended to become an elementary school teacher. While working at a Presbyterian summer camp in western North Carolina, he began to feel a call to be involved in the work of the church.

Collin attended Tusculum College in eastern Tennessee where he pursued his goal of becoming a teacher. During his senior year however, God decided that Collin had ignored his call long enough. A series of events helped Collin to realize that perhaps seminary was the next step in his faith journey. After graduating from Tusculum, he enrolled at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia.

While in seminary Collin rediscovered a passion for the small church, and for preaching and teaching in general. Through the guidance of professors and friends he felt the call to work within small rural and suburban churches. After graduation he began to look for a church that could help him learn how to be a new pastor. It just so happened that a small church in Ohio was looking at the same time.

Within the church Collin is interested in the ways that God’s power interacts with the powers of the world. He is also interested in multi-generational ministry that brings together all of God’s people to further the work of the church.

Outside the church Collin enjoys reading, hiking, cooking and playing with his dog, Paddy who often walks with the pastor to church on nice days..

Collin is also finding that while he misses the mountains of the south, there are plenty of new things to discover in the plains and hills of Ohio.