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Kim's Kolumn ~ October 2012
I love October. It is the only month that you will see me wearing spiders instead of running away from them screaming. Granted, they’ll be in my ears where I don’t have to look at them, but pay attention - I often have spiders on me in October. Or witch hats, ghosts, pumpkins, candy corn. I love the temperature change, I love the colors, the wind. I love apples and pumpkins and fall harvest times. I love that October is the month that kicks off a lengthy holiday season, which while sometimes stressful, is also a lot of fun and a time of connection with family and friends. The sluggish days of summer give way to the crisp clearness of autumn, and my brain seems to follow suit.

Fall is a busy time in the church year, busier, I think than spring and Eastertide. It is easy to get caught up in the activities and the to-do list and the events, and forget to take time to appreciate the gifts God gives us in the fall. Be sure to make time to go outside, to breathe in the autumn breezes and enjoy the beauty of the season. Now, one of the things I enjoy about the month is indeed Halloween. I like the playfulness of it, the dressing up, and don’t forget the candy (those little pumpkins, and anything chocolate, in particular.) I’ve always liked the costumes. A chance to pretend, for just one night, to be something or someone different. The opportunity to try on a new attitude or personality, all made possible by a mask or a hat or a cape.

During this interim time, we can try on some new attitude and personalities and consider some new dreams or ways we wish we could be but haven’t quite had the courage to try. If you have thought to yourself “I wish we would...” or “I wonder what would happen if...” or “Wouldn’t it be fun to...”, now is the time to check it out! Give me a call, send me an email. Talk to your elders and deacons. This may be something that you do just for you, or it may be an idea you’d like the congregation to try out. Who knows, it may be the kind of thing we try on as though it were a costume piece, but end up keeping as a part of the changing and growing personality of the church.

Pastor Kim
Posted on 01 Oct 2012 by Pastor Kim
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